FM Technologies

Flashmeeting is an academic research project aimed at understanding the nature of online events and helping users to meet and work more effectively. However, FM technologies also, kinda, just work! So we have quite a few services out in the world now...


KMi research into online meetings, and the rich world of better online working events!

FM Technologies support a number of servers, and a large number of user communities. If you are a European Researcher, an OpenLearner, a member of the Open University, or a School Teacher, then one of the services below may be for you.

EA-TEL FM Server

FM technologies are currently provided freely to members of the European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning. The EATEL FM server is based at the Open University, and the FM community was part of the EU Prolearn Network of Excellence. EATEL members can use FM in support of the integration of TEL research in the EU under a simple set of 'fair use' conditions.

OUFM Server

The Open University's own server, for its staff and students. If you have an account with the Open University, then you automatically have an account on this server, and the ability to book and attend events. OU users, try this out!

E2BN FM Server

A server for schools which is currently supported by the East of England Broadband Network. The E2BN team have agreed to support innovative teachers and learning contexts. If you are a school teacher or worker and want to join with them - look at this service.